It is that time again!  Popcorn sales begin on Thursday September 18th, 2014.

See the below with important information regarding popcorn sales for this year, along with important dates to remember.

Also see the Parent’s Guide to Popcorn.  Some of the information will not apply because the boys will not have the popcorn on hand to sell door to door, but will be taking orders instead.

Selling popcorn online is an option this year.  Here is information about how online selling will work.  You will need to email us if you are planning to have people order online, so we can set up an account for you.

Finally, here is the prize flyer that shows the prizes for the various saleslevels. Good luck selling!

 T560 Popcorn Sales Information 2014


Sale Starts:  Popcorn sales start September 18th. We will be at St. Mark’s Church in the parking lot from 6-7p on the 18th for you to pick up your order forms.  We will also have order forms in a box by our side door if you want to come by and get one any other time.  We will also be at St. Mark’s on Monday September 22nd from 7-8, even though there will not be a regular meeting.


Commitment to Sell:  Please email us by Friday September 26th to notify us if you are planning to sell.  We need to have a count of the number of scouts selling popcorn.


Business Cards:  Business/receipt cards will be handed out with the order form.  Scouts will need to give each customer a receipt card when taking an order for popcorn.  Be sure to include your first name and Troop 560 on the card.  This is a Hawkeye Area Council requirement.


Popcorn Orders:  Please email us any new orders you have received by Sunday each week.  If customer pays by check, have it made out to Troop 560.  We will try to pick up popcorn for your orders at least every other Monday and have it at the meetings.  In order to pick up the popcorn, you will need to have the money to pay for it at the time of pick up.  We will have a sheet for you to sign confirming the popcorn you are receiving and the money you are turning in.


Sale Ends:  The popcorn sale officially ends on November 13, 2014.  We would like to have all orders received and turned by Sunday November 9, 2014.  We will have the popcorn ready for you at the meeting on November 10, 2014.  We will accommodate orders until the 12th, but that is the absolute last day. 


Prize Sheets:  Prize sheets will be handed out with the order forms.  Note there are new prize levels and the movie event level has been increased to $1100 in sales.  The movie event is on February 7th.  Scouts will need to have their prize selections turned in to us by November 23.


Online popcorn orders:  If you are interested in having friends and family order popcorn online, please contact us and provide a home email address to use.  We will set up an account for people to be able to order from you online.  We will have a handout with the order form explaining how the online sales work.


Important Dates:

September 18:      Sale begins-order forms, business cards, and prize sheets available at St. Marks from 6-7p

September 22:      Order forms, business cards, and prize sheets available at St. Marks from 7-8p

September 25:      Email us by this date notifying us if you are selling

November 9:        All orders must be turned in

November 10:      Final popcorn will be delivered to scouts

November 23:      Prize selections must be turned in