Instructions for Troop 560 Adults to take online "Youth Protection Training" (YPT)

1) Login to as follows:

   a. If you already have an account and remember your username and password, simply login.

   b. If you do NOT remember if you have an account, or can’t remember the username or password, try to look up your username or reset your password at the link "Forgot your User Name or Password?"   Enter your BSA ID and your birth date and see if it finds an old username for you. If not you need to create a new account. 

   c. If you know you DON'T have a myScouting account, create a new account by clicking the "Create an account" under the "New to MyScouting?" header on  PLEASE enter the BSA ID (if you have one) at the prompt.  

2) Once logged into with your username and password, scroll down the page. You can click on the round silver logo to take Youth Protection in English or Spanish. (logo shown below). You can also find YPT under the "My Training" link under the left menu dropdown once logged into

3) The training takes no more than a half hour.

4) You will now be given an opportunity to print a “Certificate of Completion” by entering in your name and Troop.  You may not need to print this – please see below. 

            a.  If you are a new adult who just created an account without their BSA ID, or have never entered your BSA ID into your myScouting account, you MUST print this and return it  with your recharter materials.


            b. If you logged in with an already-existing account which knows your BSA ID, you can verify that the training has been registered with BSA as follows: Click on the "My Training" link under the left menu dropdown after you successfully login to with your username/password. From there you will see a little form where you can check your training status for YPT, and also for other types of training.

             c. If you think your training hasn't registered with the BSA servers you may want to print out the certificate of completion at the end 'just in case' we need to send it to the Scout Shop.  

             d. You can always print out a certificate of completion at any time after you take the training, by clicking the “View Certificate” link on the same “My Training” page.