April Campout 2008
By Nathan

The April campout this year consisted of a series of events that the entire district competed in. On Saturday morning, there was a series of competitions that patrols could enter. One was a memory game where you had to look at a group of food items, and then write down as many as you could remember when the food was covered up again. For another, you had to hard-boil an egg without using your hands; however, you could use other things such as sticks. The patrol that got theirs hard-boiled the fastest one, but got penalties if the egg wasn’t hard-boiled when they finished. At yet another station, you had to do a sort of a relay. Two scouts at separate tables, while blindfolded and their good arm restricted, had to piece together half of a peanut-butter and jelly sandwich; they then had to meet in between the two tables and piece their halves together for a final scout to eat, regardless of where the food had been. There was a similar relay that involved the making of a pancake, as scouts ran relays to different scouts to accomplish all of the tasks required to construct the pancake, such as putting on syrup. A final event was another hard-boiled egg competition, where patrols had to boil an egg over a fire that they prepared using sticks and other materials they could find. Although you could stop at any point, you were given time penalties if the egg wasn’t hard-boiled when you finished. In the afternoon and evening, patrols competed in two cooking competitions: one involved a set batch of ingredients, while the other was an overall cooking contest. Despite occasional showers throughout the campout, there was less rain than anticipated and it didn’t interfere with any of the events. Overall, this was a well thought out and fun campout.