June Campout 2008
By Nathan

Instead of a normal campout in June, there was instead Scout Camp, which lasted for seven days. During most of the time, scouts worked on merit badges while enjoying special events. On the first day, the scouts arrived and did health and pool checks. Also that night was the opening campfire. The second day, the scouts started their merit badges and Eagle Quest, which lasted through the sixth day. In the evening there was a camp-wide game. The third day featured a cookout in Upper Meadows, along with open climb, shooting, and handicraft. Family night, when parents and family could visit, was the fourth day, which included a potluck. The callout for Order of the Arrow also took place that evening. For the fifth day, there was the Wilderness Survival merit badge overnight, as well as open archery and swim. On the sixth day, scouts finished up their merit badges and Eagle Quest, and the final campfire took place in the evening. Finally, everyone packed up and left on the seventh day.