October Campout 2008
By Nathan

This October we camped at Lake McBride from the 17th to 19th. Although there were stormy clouds on Friday night, no rain occurred while we were there and the weather cooperated well. Although, due to a reservation mix-up, we ended up taking the campsite of another troop, Troop 250 was willing to take another campsite, and we made it up to them by including them in our campfire on Saturday.On Saturday morning we went to different stations to learn scouting skills such as fire building, blade safety, and knot tying, and to try and get requirements signed off as well. In the afternoon we worked on building shelters for our patrols, which we had the option of sleeping in that night. On Saturday night we had a campfire, including participation from another troop from Iowa City (Troop 250) and a wood badge ceremony for our scoutmaster. Finally, we packed up and left Sunday morning.