December 2008 Campout - Gourmet Food Cookoff

The December Campout is a chance for the scouts to show that they can cook.  They will spend all afternoon on saturday preparing their meal.  For dinner, the adults judge each patrol on neatness, grace, manners, meal, aesthetics and timeliness.  Awards are given to the patrol that cooked the best meal.

After the dinner, there will be singing of Christmas carols, followed by a gift exchange.  If you want to participate in the gift exchange, but a gift that is around $5 that is related to scouting.  These gifts should be wrapped in christmas paper.  There is another optional gift exchange called the "White Elephant" gift exchange.  These gifts are meant to be a joke or an unwanted item.  These "White Elephant" gifts should be wrapped in newspaper.  To get a gift, you must give a gift.

The campout went very well.

Gourmet Meal Contest Rules
Adult Scouters are the judges of your meals, preparation, presentation, et cetera. They are your guests, so act properly.
-Provide an invitation early in the afternoon to those adults whom the Scoutmaster assigns to your patrol.
-Set the table for your patrol plus your guests.
-Prepare enough of your meal for your patrol and two adults, plus enough for all of the other adults to sample if they wish. To judge fairly, other adults may wish to taste some of your food preparations.
-All food cooking will be done outdoors over wood and/or charcoal heat.