Troop 560 Summer Camp 2009 -Camp Wakonda

Summer camp is right around the corner. Scouters just let me know if you would like to spend all week or any part of the week with us, including if only for a day or a night.

Fees: $194.75 for 1st week and $142.50 for additional weeks. ($20 late fee after May 19th) This rate includes the Troop 560 5% reduction due to the Presidents award from Friends of Scouting. Scouters fees based on number of adults at camp.

Please turn in these fees or use funds in your scout account. The sooner your money is in the sooner we can sign up for your merit badges and activities. When your fees are in I can register you online and it is first come first served. The 2nd week of camp looks like it might it might have the most scouts attending so sign up early.

They are also having a special Mountain Man camp during the 1st week of camp and a Native American camp during the 3rd week.
If anyone cannot go with the troop but would still like to go to camp see me for information about Provisional camp during the 4th week of camp.

Earlier there was an email regarding Medical Records please get those in ASAP so we can get copies ready for the camp medic.

Scouts check out the merit badge schedule (on website and decide what you might want to do)
This Schedule is subject to change and I will let you know when the final(?) schedule is available.
When you turn in your money give me a list of what you would like to do and during which blocks.

First year scouts-

On April 20th we will have a meeting during JLT, to do the first part of the tenderfoot fitness test and also have meeting with you and your parents about summer camp, so come with your handbook and questions.

Also, check out the attachment which has some general information about summer camp for this year.

Yours in Scouting,

Mr. G

Camp Date- June 21 – June 27 2009

Sunday- Arrive at Camp Wakonda
12:30-12:45 Arrive at camp. We will meet on the parking lot side of the dining hall. Arrange a ride to camp. Ask if you need directions to camp. Most Scouts will need parents help carrying equipment to our campsite. Our campsite this year is Meadowlark, one of the closest sites to the parking lot and the dining hall.
1:00 - 5:30 p.m. Camp Orientation and Campsite
Last year after checking in, taking roll and making sure we have the health/med forms, we were allowed to go to our campsite and set up tents. This may or may not happen. We also need to take our troop photo, do any swim checks and dining hall orientation. We will find out when we arrive when these things will happen. They could be before, during or after setup. Depending on how long it takes to check in, Parents are usually at camp for at least an hour. When we arrive at the campsite the SPL and PLC will need to organize and decide where the tents will be set up. We will have over 15 tents and some dining flys to set up. The experienced Scouts will need to help the first and probably second year Scouts get their tents set up first. Sunday is day for the Troop to stay together and help each other get setup. This is especially important to stay together so that “wait” time can be eliminated by not having everyone present when it is time to move on to the next task

Wednesday - Family Night
Each Wednesday night, camp conducts a special visitors' program. This will start off with a Troop 560 family potluck picnic. Plan to arrive at 4:45-5:00 p.m., come to the Meadowlark campsite pavilion. Please bring a main and side dish along with tableware and drinks for your family and Scout(s). You may want to ask your Scout what they might like you to bring. I believe veteran campers make sure they put in special requests. After dinner there are many activities and a special campfire, which ends around 9:30. Please feel free to attend any or all activities with a reminder to dress for the weather and any possible insects. Troop photo signups are available on Family night.
5:30 p.m. Family Night Activities
8:30 p.m. Campfire, OA Call-Out

Saturday- Camp check-out is Saturday morning – after the campsite has been taken down and the campsite has passed inspection. Past experience has shown that we are finished between 8:00 and 9:00. You are welcome to come to the campsite to assist your Scout in hauling out their personal gear. Everyone else please meet on the patio outside the dining hall no later than 9:00 a.m. . In all cases, please make sure your Scout knows when you will be arriving or what arrangements you have made for them to get home. Make sure to visit the patio of the dining hall to check the lost-and-found one last time!

Individual Check-In/Check-Out - All visitors, Scouts and leaders who either arrive or leave camp during the week must check in or out through the camp office. It is important that we keep accurate records of everyone in camp in case of an emergency. Scouts permanently leaving camp before the end of the week must have a written release ("Scout Leaving From Camp Early Report") signed by the parent/guardian and unit leader and presented to the Camp Clerk. Forms will be available at the camp office.

One last thing. Unless you absolutely must, please avoid the temptation to consider coming out Friday night “after the campfire” to pick up your Scout. The closing campfire has gone very late the last few years and your Scout will be very tired after a week of camp. Further, participating in endings of shared group experiences is important to forming complete, healthy memories – like the last night in camp. Plus, it is only fair that all Scouts help to break camp in the morning, as they all helped to set it up.

What to bring- (See the presentation at Troop meeting)

Class A Scout Uniform shirt without the neckerchief
Hiking boots/Tennis shoes plus a second pair
Extra pants
Extra shirts
Underwear for the week
Sweater, sweatshirt or heavier jacket
2 Swim trunks
2-3 Towels
Bathroom kit (soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, etc.)
Merit Badge Pamphlets
Canteen or water bottles
Small pillow
Flashlight with extra batteries
Boy Scout Handbook
Spending money
Rain gear
Backpack or plastic tub with lid
Sleeping bag
Medication in original container. (turn in to camp medic upon arrival at camp)
Mosquito netting and support frame to attach to cot
First Aid Kit (it can not contain any medication-aspirin, ibruprofen, etc.)
Insect Repellent - absolutely no aerosol or pumps

Optional Equipment- Bible or prayer book, Notebook, paper, pencils, Camera with extra film, Sunscreen, Compass, Hat, Fishing gear and fishing licenses as required by Iowa law.

Radios, walkmans, pagers, cellular phones, shooting equipment, and fireworks, squirt guns, plus other personal valuables are to be left at home.

Please identify all personal items with a water-resistant marker.

Camp policies
Physicals-A health history (class I and II), updated and signed within the past
12 months and a physical examination conducted within the past 36 months are required of every youth camper and adult under 40 years old. Adults over 39 years old must show evidence of a physical examination within the past 12 months (class III form). Every person who is in camp for more than 72 continuous hours must provide a health history/exam form. Click here for Medical Record. Special Dietary Requirements-A Special Dietary Needs Form must be filled out by the person needing a special diet. Medications-All medication must be turned in to the Health Officer at the time of check-in for proper distribution to the campers. Medications must be distributed by the camp health officer. Medications MUST be in their ORIGINAL CONTAINERS! All prescription and non-prescription drugs shall be in their original containers. All medications (including those needing refrigeration) are to be locked up in the camp health office. The only exception is for medications, which must be carried at all times including asthma inhalants, bee sting kits and nitro glycerin pills. Spending Money-A well-stocked trading post is operated at camp. Items include handicraft
materials, T-shirts, handbooks, ice cream, soft drinks, batteries, candy and camping equipment. Merit badge work in some of the program areas requires an additional expense to complete. Below is listed the approximate cost of supplies needed for the merit badge. Also listed is the cost of other items available.
Rifle $5.00 - Blackpowder $15.00 - Shotgun $25.00
Leatherwork $5.00 - $15.00 Basketry $10.00
Woodcarving $3.00 - $5.00 Metalwork $3.00 - $9.00
Indian Lore $3.00 - $10.00 Troop Photos $4.00
Space Exploration $10.00 - $20.00 (depends upon the rocket)
Camp T-shirt $13.00 - Archery Lost Arrows - $2.50 ea
Individual Check-In/Check-Out-All Scouts and leaders who either arrive or leave camp during the week must check in or out through the camp office. It is important that we keep accurate records of everyone in camp in case of an emergency. Scouts permanently leaving camp before the end of the week must have a written release ("Scout Leaving From Camp Early Report") signed by the parent/guardian and unit leader and presented to the Camp Clerk. Forms will be available at the camp office. Scouts Dismissed From Camp-Scouts dismissed from summer camp for any disciplinary reason will not be allowed to return to camp any time during the same summer.
Fireworks-Use or possession of any type or class of fireworks at camp is prohibited. Any Scout found to be in possession of fireworks, including rocket engines, will be sent home from camp by the Camp Director. Knives, etc.-No blades over 4" long are allowed. Non-folding sheath knives, throwing stars or martial arts weapons are not allowed at camp. Firearms, Ammunition and Archery Equipment-Privately owned guns, rifles and/or ammunition are prohibited and may not be brought or used at any time. Personal archery equipment, if brought, must be checked in upon arrival at camp and will be stored at the camp office. Staff will transport it to the range. Failure to comply will result in dismissal from camp.
Pressurized Aerosol Cans and Pumps (insect repellant)-Aerosol cans are not allowed in camp. Aerosols remove waterproofing when used in/near tents and are dangerous near fires. Pumps can also remove waterproofing when used near tentage and are not recommended. Insect repellent needs to have a high DEET concentration or it just doesn’t work on scout camp mosquitoes.
Telephone Policy-Telephone service is available for emergencies only. Advise parents that a return number must be left and there may be a considerable lapse of time before a call can be returned because of the time needed to locate Scouts. Except when returning an important call, Scouts may place calls only with their unit leader present. There will be no exceptions. Electronic Equipment In Camp-All Scouts and leaders should leave their tape/CD players, video games, "jam boxes," cell phones, and TVs at home. Alcoholic Beverages-Absolutely NO alcoholic beverages are allowed in camp. Tobacco and Smoking Policy-No tobacco use of any kind is allowed in any camp structure Smoking is to take place only in posted designated smoking areas (back of parking lot). No minors are allowed in the smoking area. Shower Facilities-The camp has shower areas, open 24 hours a day, for both adults and youth. A separate handicapped-accessible shower is also available. The adult shower areas are to be used by adults only. There are separate adult facilities for men and women. Scout-age campers have their own facility. No youth are to use adult shower areas at any time. No adults are to use the youth shower areas at any time.