Troop 560 Summer Camp 2018

Camp Week - Sunday, June 24 – Saturday, June 30,  2018


 February 28th $100 deposit for each Scout due for Early Bird Pricing
 April 13th Full $275/Scout due for Early Bird Pricing
 April 16th Merit Badge Registration Opens at noon for all Scout paid in full
 May 1st Late Registration of $325/Scout begins

Troop links:

   Summer Camp Payment Form - will be available soon - lists all the fees for Summer Camp - please return with payment

    Summer Camp Week in Detail - will be available soon  - The mechanics of Summer Camp week!

    Summer Camp Tent and Cot - What is provided - and what you need to provide - for your tent and cot!

Hawkeye Area Council links:

   2018 Summer Camp Brochure
   2018 Merit Badge Pre-Requisites - coming soon
   HAC Scout Camp page - has all of the above, plus more if you want to wade through it all!
   Map of Camp Wakonda - where all the fun happens!  Find your campsite (Eagle) and merit badge class locations!

NEW NEW NEW for 2018

Health Forms 

  • The Annual Health and Medical form (Parts A,B, and C), updated and signed **within one year of the last day of camp** is required of every youth camper and adult staying for longer than three days.  
  • Part C requires a physical to be performed by your Doctor. 
  • The Annual Health and Medical form (Parts A,B, and C),  is linked here.

Summer Camp Fees Estimates

  • Check payable to Troop 560 (or use Scout Account if sufficient funds available)
  • Fees due by April 4 meeting
  • Below fees include 5% discount for President's Award
    • Summer Camp:  
      • $275 (if already paid $100 Early Bird deposit by Feb. 28th - so $175 remains payable)
      • $300 (if didn't pay $100 Early Bird deposit)
      • $325 (after May 1st)
      • Note that scouts cannot sign up for merit badges until camp fees are paid.
    • Plus Badge-specific fees as follows:
      • Rifle $20
      • Shotgun $35
      • Paintball $25
      • Marksmanship $20

Merit Badge Selections

  • Scouts should find and print the Merit Badge Schedule when it becomes available. Please indicate both the first and second (backup in case first is full) choices in each session (1-6)
  • NOTE FOR FIRST YEAR SCOUTS: First-year Scouts will be taking "Eagle Quest" (which works on Scout Skills in the morning) and will need to select Merit Badges for the afternoon only
  • The Summer Camp Chair will be collecting completed Merit Badge selection sheets at Troop meetings, through the Troop meeting on April 9
  • Completed Merit Badge selection sheets can also be mailed (hard copy, or email) to the Summer Camp Chair, through April 9
  • The Summer Camp Chair logs onto the Hawkeye Area Council internet signup website on April 16 to enter the Scout selections onto the Council website

Provisional Week 

  • July 17-23 is the Camp week called "provisional" week by the Council
  • Scouts interested in a second week of camp can go this week in addition to the normal Troop camp week
  • This provisional week can also be a good idea to attend if the Scout absolutely cannot make the regular week for the Troop (but it is preferred to attend with the rest of the Troop if possible)
  • Let the Summer Camp Chair know if your Scout is interested in this provisional week.
  • For Scouts attending two weeks of camp (Troop week, plus provisional), the cost is lower for the second week
    • Only $200 for second week!