About Troop 560

The difference between Scouts BSA and Cub Scouts:
The Scouts BSA Program emphasizes leadership. The Troop and Patrol Leader Council meetings are run by the scouts, not by the adults. We strive for a scout run troop. Each youth is responsible for themselves and their advancement through the Scouts BSA program. Adults are there for guidance and help as needed, not to do the projects for the scouts. Scouts also go on many more camping trips than Cub Scouts. Troop 560 strives for one every month.

Scouts BSA form groups called patrols. Troop 560 has four scout patrols. Each patrol elects a Patrol Leader and Assistant Patrol Leader to help run the patrol. The Senior Patrol Leader is in charge of the whole troop.

Scout Meetings:

Troop 560 meets every Monday night from 7 to 8 pm at St. Marks Lutheran Church 8300 C Ave, Marion IA. These meeting consists of planning campouts, earning merit badges, advancement instructing and tests, games and new concept training. For a map to St. Marks Church, Click here.

Patrol Leader Council Meetings:
Patrol Leader Council (PLC) meetings are held the Monday after the monthly campout. These meetings are used to plan the years' activities, take care of scout business and plan Troop meetings. The Patrol Leader of each patrol is expected to attend the PLC meetings. The Senior Patrol Leader runs this meeting.

Parent Committee Meetings:
Parent Committee Meetings are open to all and everyone is encouraged to attend. The Parent Committee's role is to provide background support for the Troop. They are responsible for arranging fund raising, popcorn sales, setting the details for each camping trip, summer camp, high adventures, scout advancement, etc. These meetings are important as decisions are made regarding Troop finances, administrative support of the Troop and non-program Troop issues are discussed.

Adult participation is a very important part of the Troop. We encourage that the family of every scout in the troop be involved on some level. There are many ways that adults can participate. We can never have too many adult on campouts. Mothers are also encouraged to go. We have many adults with skills and interests that serve as Merit Badge Counselors. If you have any areas of interest or skills that would benefit the troop, please let the Senior Patrol Leader know.

There are six official ranks that you can attain. The process of rank advancement is outlined in your Scouts BSA Handbook. Your Scouts BSA Handbook is very important to your life as a scout. Take good care of it as it contains all of your work including partially completed work for each rank. While it may appear that there are many steps to each rank advancement, each is important. Each rank has its own list of requirements. As you progress, each rank requires more work, responsibility and knowledge. Each step for advancement must be signed off by an Adult leader, Senior Patrol Leader or Scoutmaster. After completing a step, let our Advancement Chair know. Anytime that you need assistance working on a particular advancement, all you need to do is contact an Adult Leader. Also, your parents can assist you with some of the activities. Most advancement is done at your own pace.

We strongly encourage you to attend activities such as Merit Badge Universities, Merit Badge Workshops, and Summer Camp. Summer camp is a good way to help you advance and earn merit badges. This is important for first year scouts to attend summer camp. Many of your requirements for upcoming ranks will be covered at summer camp.

After completing the requirements for a rank, you will need to download the Advancement Test from our website and complete it with an adult from our troop. After that, you will need to contact our Scoutmaster for a Scoutmaster Conference. Finally, contact our Advancement Chair to have your Board of Review set up. The Board of Review is held with 3 committee members. You will be asked to recite the Scout Law, Scout Oath as well as asked questions about the rank you have achieved and the requirements to achieve the rank. Your new rank will be given at the next Court of Honor. Each rank may require different Merit Badges. There are over 100 Merit Badges possible.