Adult Leader Training

BSA National and our local Hawkeye Area Council provide training for adults so we may have a quality program.  Without trained leaders the Troop program will not have the quality we all want to see out of our Troop!  Just as every year we add Scouts, we also need to add trained adult leaders to perpetuate the Troop program.

BSA National now provides Adult Leader Training online at  Popular training includes:

However, the most important training is hands-on, in-person adult Scouts BSA Leader training provided by the Hawkeye Area Council. The Hawkeye Area council has an Adult Leader Training page at 

The adult Scouts BSA Leader training is held once in the Fall and once in the Spring.   (You only need to attend one session)   The training has two parts; one is in a classroom setting and another is in an outdoors setting where you learn outdoor skills.  There are approximately six hours in the classroom, and then a weekend campout at Camp Wakonda. (The six classroom hours are either all in a single day, or spread over two days depending on how they decide to deliver it.)