Parent Committee Meetings

The Parent Committee meets monthly, with a targeted time limit of 1 hour.  All parents are encouraged to attend, and are eligible to vote on issues.  The Parent Committee Meeting is held during the Troop meeting on the Monday following the District Roundtable; Roundtable is held the first Thursday of the month.

It is the Parent Committee's responsibility to insure that a safe, educational, and fun program is provided for the scouts. To accomplish this they need to secure competent adult leaders and see that they are trained, help secure necessary funding, monitor the program, see that the unit participates in District and Council activities, and maintain good rapport with our sponsor and charter organization.
The purpose of the committee meeting is to support the program that the PLC develops and which the committee has approved. The committee also:
  • Oversees and supports the advancement program
  • Oversees and supports the outdoor program
  • Assists adult and scout recruiting
  • Maintains troop finances and records
  • Helps with acquisition and maintenance of troop equipment

Adult Leader Council (ALC) Meetings

 The Adult Leader Council meeting is held a minimum of once a month at the discretion  of the Scoutmaster. The date varies according to the calendar, but is typically scheduled for the first Tuesday after the District Roundtable meeting.  Attendees are the Scoutmaster, Assistant Scoutmasters, Program Chair, Activity (Outdoor) Chair, and other interested adults. 

The purpose of the Adult Leader Council meeting is to: 
  •  Assess previous month’s program 
  •  Outline the program for the upcoming 3 months 
  •  Establish/revise detailed plans for troop camp-out/activities for the upcoming 4 weeks 
  •  Address new concerns