Eagle Projects:
While Scouts reach the rank of eagle, they are required to plan and carry out a Eagle Scout Community Service Project to complete their eagle rank.  These projects are strongly recommended have more than one hundred hours of labor and planning, so therefore, they are very big projects.  In the past, projects have been done for churches, homeless shelters, city halls, police/fire departments and schools

Big Sand Mound:

For many years, Troop 560 has annually traveled to Big Sand Mound Reservation next to Mid American Energy.  The first year we went, we cut down many pine trees that were invading the beautiful prairie.  The next year, we cleaned up a dump in the prairie and also cut down more pine trees.  We also set up a network of buckets and fences to research the turtles who live on the reservation.

Read this article from the May/June 2013 Issue of Iowa Outdoors magazine, featuring Big Sand Mound and mentioning Troop 560.