Check sheet for Life Scout to Prepare for Eagle rank
Work on points 1 – 4 must be completed prior to 18th birthday.

For more details, see "Getting Your Eagle Rank"

1. Continue to work on BSA Eagle Scout requirements after achieving the rank of Life Scout.
2. Select an Eagle Scout project
    a. download and review the Eagle Project Cover Sheet,  Eagle Project Instructions, and Eagle Project Workbook   
    b. review sample workbooks  (Stevens Project, Dennis Project)
    c. complete portions of the workbook prior to the page for the approval signatures
    d. present to Scoutmaster for approval
    e. Obtain approval for your project from your troop committee, following your unit procedure.
    f. Complete the Eagle Project Cover Sheet downloaded in Step 2a
    g. Contact District Advancement Chair for appointment to obtain district approval to start your project
    h. Complete project, including tracking the work hours throughout the project
    i. Complete the balance of the project workbook, including completion signatures at the back of the book.
3. While a Life Scout, submit a list of contacts for Eagle Scout Reference Letters to the troop advancement chair
4. Complete all of the Eagle Scout requirements, including the Scoutmaster Conference
5. Working with the Troop Advancement chair – complete the Hawkeye Area Council Eagle Information Form to be sent to the council office. This can be typed onto this form, printed and signed. 
6. A verified Eagle Application will be sent to the Unit Contact listed on the Hawkeye Information Form.
7. After receiving the Verified Eagle Application, contact the District Eagle Coordinator for a District Board of Review which is summarized here.
8. Prior to the Board of Review
    • Prepare a one-page summary of your Eagle Scout Project
    • Prepare a one-page of our Life Goals and Ambitions
9. The following paperwork needs to be taken to the District Board of Review
    • Verified Eagle Scout Application from Hawkeye Area Council, with required signatures
    • Unopened envelopes containing the Eagle Reference letters received
    • Eagle Scout Project Summary and Life Goal and Ambitions documents.
    • The Eagle Scout Project Book, including any supporting information
    • Your BSA manual to obtain Board of Review signature. (optional)
    • Unit advancement report to be signed after a successful Board of Review
10. After a successful Eagle Board of Review, the signed verified Eagle Scout application and unit advancement report need to be submitted to the council office for processing, along with Life Goals and Ambitions page and Eagle Project Summary page.
11. The paperwork will be processed by the council office to the national office, and the unit will be notified when the paperwork has been returned from the national office and ready for pickup.

12. Plan and enjoy your Eagle Court of Honor