January -- Skiing Campout & Pinewood Derby 

February -- Winter Sports Campout -- Camp Waubeek

April -- Big Sand Mound & Sokol Lock-in

May -- Scouting in the Dark -- Camp Wakonda

June -- 2016 Summer Camp

July -- Governor Dodge State Park

October -- Backbone State Park

December -- Wakonda HHSA

Summer 2016 Mini Camps

  • Below fees include 5% discount for President's Award

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) - Start your Engines! July 24-26 ($133) Ages 13+
This program will give Scouts the opportunity to build a small model vehicle. During this camp they will have the opportunity to learn about circuits by building a model circuit, learn to use soldering equipment safely, as well as explore electricity by designing simple models and reading electricity meters.  Scouts will work on the Electronics Merit Badge, Electricity Merit Badge, and the NOVA Start Your Engines award.

COPE (Challenging Outdoor Personal Experience) - Experience the Next Level–July 19-21, ($119), age 14+ 
Spend three days and two nights working with fellow campers to accomplish the tasks of the Howard H. Cherry Scout Reservation, Aegon Challenge Course. Develop plans for the Tire traverse, the Giant’s finger, the whale watch and 15 more unique and challenging low course events. Then help your team with the Burma Bridge, Balance Beam, Two Wire Traverse, Cargo Net, Centipede, Giant’s Ladder Confidence Pole and our 300’ zip line

Marksmanship – July 27-29, ($119), age 14+ 
For those that have earned Rifle or Shotgun merit badge. Learn to sight a rifle, improve accuracy, score competition targets. Three days and two nights of improving your abilities and safety with firearms.

Camp to Camp to Camp: Ultimate Iowa High Adventure –July 7-15, ($285), age 14+ 
–Horseback Riding at Ingawanis High Adventure Base
–50 Mile Bike Ride from Ingawanis to Backbone State Park
–Mountain Biking at Camp CS Klaus
–Kayaking at the Manchester Water Park
–Climbing and Rappelling at Pictured Rocks